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Our New Ambassador Program

New Competition!

We are hosting a special referral competition for our customers!

To register for the comptetion, you must register as an Ambassador so that we can track your progress! Read the details below to get started.

No commitment required! It's not a job, but if you know people that want to buy our products or have an online presence, you'll love this!

How It Works:

We give you a link

Upon joining, you’ll receive login credentials for your ambassador account. Inside your account, you'll have your very own website link to share with others.

Share it to get sales

If anyone purchases using your link, you will earn a 15% commission off the entire sale!

The link has a 10% off discount to encourage people to use it.

Earn 15% Commission

We send commissions through Paypal. If you don't have a Paypal account, you can create one for this! You can invite others to join the program - you will earn an additional 40% of their commission!

Follow These Steps:

1. Register as an ambassador for free by clicking the button below! Anyone can join, but it's best if you're an existing customer!

2. Login to your account and write down / copy your referral link from your dashboard. You can access it there anytime.

3. Use your referral link to promote us to friends, family, or anywhere online (social media, blogs, website, etc.). Your link will have 10% off site-wide, which you can use in your promotion!

4. Orders from your link are automatically tracked inside your account. We will get notified for each order that you bring in!

5. You earn a 15% commission off the ENTIRE SALE of each order and get paid out from Free the Sheep! (explained below)

6. For the competition, the winner will be determined based on most referral sales! The competition ends on March 25th!

Commission Details:

We are using Paypal to automatically pay our Ambassadors after they make sales! Commissions are payed out to Ambassadors in 12 days or less - we have to make sure that the order doesn't get returned or refunded before paying Ambassadors.

If you don't have a Paypal account, you can make one easily at We don't need any personal information, just the Paypal email you choose to sign up with!

Important Note: When you log into your Ambassador Account, update your Payout method on Payment tab on Settings. If your payment detail is not specified, you will not be able to receive commissions payment.

contact us

Questions? Ask us!

Don't be afriad to reach out to us with any questions that you have. We will be happy to help you as best we can. This program is new, so we are learning right along side you!

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